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Rolling shutter profiles up to 55mm height: professional roll forming lines by Dallan

The DALLAN D63 roll forming machines and lines for PU-foamed rolling shutter blinds, are Dallan professional range featuring speeds up to 37 meters per minute.

They produce rolling shutter slats in aluminum and steel up to 55mm height and containing both low and high density PU polyurethane foam. The D63 system is composed by the following elements. 

The first machine in the system is the decoiler, that acts as the raw material storage.
Then the  T4 precision roll forming machine includes the machine basement, the motor and the  DALLAN COMBI tool change rafts that guarantee the fastest production changeover; the same Combi units may also be used on the DALLAN D610 lines which operate at up to 60 and 80 meters per minute.

Each rolling shutter profile utilizes two combis that include shafts, all-gear transmission, set of rollers, accessories, calibrating and straightening units. All the elements are already aligned, so that the insertion of the aluminum strip can be started immediately. The use of the combi technology for the production of rolling shutter blinds makes the production easy even for companies with little or no experience in roll forming.

In line is positioned the PU foam injection machine, that mixes the two components (polyol and isocyanate) which then react generating the foam that can be either soft (for sun shading application) or hard (for safety use).

After the foam has completed its development, the flying shear cuts the profile to size. The D63 roll forming line is used for the production of 6 meter long bars (for stock) as well as finished curtains. 

At this point, the foam-filled rolling shutter slat is then delivered automatically to the punching machine for the processing of the ventilation holes. One important feature of Dallan punching machine for rolling shutters is the possibility to produce in line finished curtains with aligned perforation: when the curtain is opened all the holes are positioned exactly one on top of the other to form vertical lines (but also 45° lines are sometimes required).

The stacking bench is the final element of the line that creates stacks (bundles) of profiles to be packaged or sent on for further processing. The same stacking bench can form the finished curtain as well, that is delivered for example to the D6T assembly system.

With a special setup, the D63 line produces the beautiful DALLAN LIGHT profile, a special rolling shutter blind with long hooks that allow the processing of large openings (see the related news below).

The DALLAN D63 roll forming lines for rolling shutters have been Dallan’s bestseller since 1985, renowned for their high reliability, and working continuously and 24/7.

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