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Electrical cabinets and Switchgears

Electrical cabinets and switch gears: roll forming machines and lines combining flexibility and productivity

In the sector of electrical cabinets (electrical cabinets and server cabinets, rack server), as for the metal furniture sector, the DALLAN machines together with the  DALCOS parametric coil punching machines have the flexibility to satisfy many requirements.

We make lines for perforated uprights complete with decoiler,  DALCOS PXN punching machine and  DALLAN T5 roll forming machine. The coil is pre-perforated with cluster punches and dies, after which it is roll formed and cut to size. We have made lines for uprights with both open and closed structure: all the DALLAN lines for uprights of electrical cabinets and server cabinets are bespoke, working alongside the end customer to achieve the desired result.

The lines for electrical cabinet panels have a similar structure, the main difference being the greater width of the  DALCOS parametric punching machines.

A line for panels comprises:

  • Decoiler
  • DALCOS EXN or PXN 800 punching machine
  • DALLAN DUPLEX roll forming machine
  • Back-front cutting system
  • Unloading table

The DALCOS PXN punching machine may also be combined with a bending machine should the size of the panels be extremely varied as well as the shape of the reinforcing bends. The following video shows the punching part of the line:

For more information on our systems for electrical cabinets, please contact our technical and sales office.

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