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DALLAN D93 roll forming machines for slats

Linear ceilings and slats: the most compact system to start with

The slats for linear ceilings are linear profiles in aluminium or pre-painted sheet metal. The best known is the linear ceiling 84mm profile, but there are many other types of slats, with rounded or squared edges and with special shapes. They are assembled on a profile called "carrier" and the ceiling is finished around the edge with a perimeter trim/wall angle. With just the one machine such as the DALLAN INTEGRATA D93 you can manufacture the slat, the carrier and the perimeter trim/wall angle profiles.

The line consists of the following elements:

  • Decoiler
  • DALLAN INTEGRATA T4 roll forming machine
  • Hydraulic machining units
  • Unloading table
  • Set of additional rollers or ready mounted on the machine

The DALLAN INTEGRATA D93 line has the advantage of offering everything needed to produce a complete suspended ceiling within a compact space and it is undoubtedly the best investment for start up companies entering the world of suspended ceilings.

In addition to this compact line we also manufacture high-output lines with  DUPLEX system for very wide panels and with traditional  COMBI DALLAN roller change system.
Please contact our technical-sales office. We will be happy to give you all the information you require on our linear ceilings systems.

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