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Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds: Dallan D48 automatic systems for production and packaging

Dallan has been manufacturing machines for manufacturing external Venetian blinds and sun shading slats for more than 25 years. These technical products, which are meant to have also an aesthetical function, have found the perfect production system in our precision roll forming machines. Just like the rolling shutters, Venetian blinds consist of multiple slats that must boast outstanding technical qualities: rigidity, straightness and a perfect surface. We have perfected hundreds of different profiles for this market over the decades, ranging from the simplest flat and C slat to the Z, S and the new Omega slats in addition to special customized slats. Every curve of the profile contributes to make it unique and to create new trends for light control indoor as well as an attractive look for the building itself.

These profiles are becoming more and more popular, as they make it easy to optimise the amount of light entering working and living environments in particular, with consequent considerable energy savings.

Apart from the machines for manufacturing attractive and rigid slats, in the past 10 years DALLAN has also developed a complete range of patented automation systems for on-line and off-line assembly of the external blind curtains.

We have worked together with the main European manufacturers of the accessories (pins, hooks and textiles) to develop integrated production systems that make aesthetically excellent and perfectly operating finished products.

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