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Coil to Window

Venetian Blind: Coil To Window production and assembly machines

Over the years DALLAN has developed a complete range of automated systems for assembling external Venetian blinds. The systems can operate in either off-line or on-line mode and are ideal for working in conjunction with the DALLAN D48CV and D48ZV professional machining systems.

In the on-line mode, the profiles are delivered to the work and assembly stations by means of an accumulation conveyor and the process is continuous. This system has the advantage of having a very low WIP (work in process) stock (basically given by the length of the line) and guaranteeing the minimum assembly cost.

The off-line system, on the other hand, is used by small and medium size enterprises as well as large companies. The bundles of roll-formed and cut to length profiles are first stored and then processed off-line by DALLAN machines later on. The systems are so compact they can adapt to any factory layout, yet are highly flexible in terms of use and production management.

Let’s look in detail at some of the classic modules for making up the system; DALLAN engineers are ready to customize the machines and automation to your requirements.

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