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Dallan® - Suspended ceilings and decorative profiles




When Dallan was established in 1978, its core business was technical design and in 1979 it had already made its first roll forming machines. By the early 80s Dallan had started to focus on thin and slender profiles (between 0.2 and 2mm thick) and pre-painted and pre-coated materials. Suspended ceilings were the first applications that brought the company to the attention of first the home market, followed by recognition throughout Europe and across the globe.

Dallan machinery covers a wide range of machines suitable to make various types of metal suspended ceilings: linear, open cell, lay-in panel system 60x60cm or 60x120cm (with T-bar structure), plus angle beads as well as the whole plasterboard system for the actual ceiling.

The company’s forte is in the aesthetic profile sector, in other words decorative profiles that are installed to be seen and admired.

More specifically, Dallan has developed highly competitive solutions for firms that intend manufacturing suspended ceilings, such as the integrated machines for the Dallan® Doga Integrata suspended ceiling system.

With this system, the same machine is used to obtain all the parts for linear ceilings consisting of slat, flash joint, carrier and perimeter trim/wall angle. A fast tool change set-up allows the same machine to produce all four profiles, meaning that the investment for production start-up is moderate while output is high.


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