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The perfect format for the best electric coil punching machine: New EXN 1000mm



Dalcos® will be presenting the new size EXN electric punching machine at the next Blechexpo in November 2013. The punching system with all-electric actuators completes the range with the 1000 mm wide model: it comprises a 4000 kg decoiler, straightener and punching machine. When working at full speed the power input for the system is less than 5kW (just 20% of the relevant hydraulic version!).


Apart from the considerable energy savings, it also offers all the advantages of the EXN line:
- 100% optimization of material use
- standard thick turret punches
- more than 20 set-ups – that can be interchanged also after installation – which include rotary tools, multi-tools and punches ranging from size A (diameter 12.7 mm) to size F (154 mm) for large notching
- the servo-controlled electric actuator generates a force of 20 tons that can be exploited 100% on every tool, up to 500 strokes a minute. The shears are also fully electric, extremely low noise and reliable.


A winning feature of the EXN is the well-known parametric programming graphic software. Incorporation of the special Eldacam in the EXN means that parts of the same family can be machined one after the other without ever having to stop the machine or waste material.

Even more important, it allows complete joblists to be loaded starting from simple excel files and in many cases our customers have been able to do away entirely with the complex CAD CAM programming, starting with DXF!

This type of programming makes the machine particularly suitable for working in combination with Dallan roll formers: in this case it is possible, for example, to punch reinforced and fire door frames or shelving panels that are all different in terms of size and punching, eliminating downtime for machine set-up.


The 1000 mm format means that a vast range of applications are covered:
- components for electrical enclosures/cabinets and metal furnitur
- air-conditioning and HVAC components
- punched parts for agri-food applications (poultry equipment)
- burners
- light fittings
- suspended ceilings (it offers flexibility for punching the classic 600x600 mm panels and creating special shapes).

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