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Remote service by Dallan: how to have our software engineers directly in your company

At Dallan we have developed and implemented an advanced remote service structure, which is currently available on most of our delivered systems and can also be applied to many machines that have already been delivered and installed. Using special devices we can connect up to machine PLCs and drives so that a precise diagnosis can be made and in a great number of cases the parameters can be reset and the system restarted immediately.

This service plus telephone assistance means we are always on hand to resolve technical problems or simply to give advice on delivered machinery.

DALLAN service also includes more traditional types of service such as:

  • Certified spare parts service : we offer you the best bespoke and also standard components, plus the certainty that the component will be checked over by our technical office.
  • Technical support service : with more than 40 technicians ready to work abroad, we respond quickly to requests from anywhere in the world, also thanks to authorised technicians based in the United States.
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