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DALLAN COMBI for rollers: the heart of our precision roll forming machines

The DALLAN COMBI roller change system consists of a cassette system for fast changeover with features that are unique on the market; it is suitable for Just-in-Time manufacture, which requires extremely fast set-up times.

The DALLAN COMBI forming toolhead includes gearing and drive shafts and is assembled together with the profile loader and straightener on a single platform. It can be lifted thanks to sturdy anchors and may be handled with bridge cranes and also suitably sized lift trucks. Several DALLAN COMBI forming toolheads may be mounted (one for each profile) but two toolheads are generally used: one mounted on the machine and one off the machine on which roller changeovers are carried out in hidden time.

The Combi is applied with special conical guides to the bedplate of the roll forming machine, which includes protective devices and the drive unit. Once in position it automatically engages the gear wheel. For the production changeover, the rollers are already positioned and adjusted on the Combi and the metal strip can therefore be fed immediately into the machine.

The DALLAN COMBI system offers another great advantage: with more than one Combi available, when maintenance has to be carried out on one toolhead the machine can continue running with the second Combi so that there is no down time in production. This means that maintenance can be scheduled on the basis of the number of millions of metres that have been produced by each toolhead.

The precise machining of the toolheads, the control and assembly of the roller shafts and the alignment with laser system (link to FB) ensure precise and repetitive references for installing a set of rollers, making the installation and adjustment of the rollers and the profile extremely easy for your operator.

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