Dalcos Project Books 2016

März 2016 News

The new Dallan and Dalcos Project Books are beautifully crafted documents that include extensive literature and private videos on all Dallan and Dalcos Systems.
The Project Books are available in 5 languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish and German and include all Dallan and Dalcos solutions for these specific work fields:

Dallan – Systems for production and packaging of Plasterboard profiles
Dallan – Systems for production and packaging of T-grid profiles and Metal Ceilings
Dallan – Systems for production, packaging and assembly of Aluminium Rolling Shutters
Dalcos – Systems for automatic servo electric punching and simultaneous laser cutting
Dallan – Systems for production and assembly of Venetian Blinds
Dallan – Systems for production of Special and Parametric profiles (Door Frames, HVAC, Metal Furniture)

You can contact our sales staff at [email protected]: we will check on your exact requirements and send you your customized private copy.

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