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Laser cutting System

LXN is not just a laser cutting system from coil: in the words of our customers, this extraordinary machine is a real cashflow generator: material savings of over 20%, optimal management of long products and thin and delicate materials and also reduction to the minimum of manpower.
Discover with us the secrets of this Logical Revolution.

Like never before.

The integrated vision system: our UNIQUE feature.

Precision processing of long or pre-punched products?

Using material right up to the edges? If you work with traditional lasers, they’re all huge problems. Yet, they’re also the great advantage of the LXN, thanks to a patented vision system that centers processing In relation to the edges and axis of the coil. No other machine provides such precision and versatility!

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New levels of

Stop wasting raw material, especially today.

Did you know that traditional sheet metal laser cutting probably means you’re wasting more than 20% of your raw material? If you’ve also been adversely Impacted by material cost increases in 2020 and 2021, you can acquire a strategic asset that will give you enormous advantages over your competition: thanks to a built-in vision system, the revolutionary LXN coil-fed laser cutting system lets you process material right up to the edges, optimizing material use up to almost 100%!


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Two sizes and a revolutionary processing system.

LXN 1000

LXN 1000 is a compact system for coils ranging from 80 to 1000mm in width and work tables ranging from 1000 to 3000mm Fully customizable with a de-coiler, straightener and feeder suited to your type of material and a complete range of unloading systems: Find out more!

LXN 1500

LXN 1500 is Dallan's BestSeller system: with a built-in vision system, a conveyor belt with removable bars and an extraction system, every aspect of this machine has been carefully studied and subsequently patented: find out how to customize your system and get the most from your new LXN!

Every detail

We didn’t left anything to chance.

Our engineers have redesigned the LXN down to the smallest detail: the new solutions adopted range from the lighting of the vision system, which further increases its accuracy, to the support system that allows easy cleaning and replacement of the bars. All patented so that these exclusive solutions represent your competitive advantage!

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Growing, without the need to hire.

Employ people where you really need it, LXN does it all by itself.

How about simple system that allows unattended processing? LXN is undoubtedly the solution! You can be sure of the quality of your products thanks to its vision system and coils allow you to load and process large quantities of raw material, while the pick and place unloading or stacking systems allow processing without the need for personnel directly dedicated to this machine, even with the lights off!

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100% Lean Production

From coil or sheet? You decide what and when, without compromises.

Nowadays, more than ever, you know that it’s crucial to be able to adapt to the needs of the market immediately: the ideal system is one that allows you to switch from coil-fed to sheet-fed processing in practically no time at all.

Do you need to produce a prototype or test a new material? No problem: LXN is the only machine on the market that allows you to choose between coil-fed processing (for small, medium and large batches, where you save enormously on material) and sheet-fed processing, for example if you need to change the type of material frequently.

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Automatic programming

Time is money, don't waste it unnecessarily.

Automation at the highest level is not restricted to the workshop. It also Involves having the right software to save thousands of hours a year of laser programming: find out how Dallan customers have achieved extraordinary results!

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