June 2011 News


Dallan Synergies Headquarters are in Castelfranco Veneto, just 50 km from Venice International airport. This historic town still has the medieval castle in the centre, which was completed in 1195 and during the first two weeks of September there is the Palio, a historic celebration when the town relives the medieval period with costume displays and events.

Castelfranco is also the hometown of Giorgione (1478-1510), the famous Renaissance painter. Giorgione lived and worked in Castelfranco and Venice during the 15th century and for the 500th anniversary of his death, the town will host a grand exhibition dedicated to him.

From 12/12/2009 to 12/04/2010 the Casa Giorgione Museum in the town centre will be displaying works by Giorgione that have been loaned by museums throughout the world.

Dallan Spa is one of the exhibition sponsors, and contributed to the layout by adopting one of the paintings on display.

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