Dallan.com upgraded: valuable information for the sheet metal working professionals

September 2014 News

From today the updated website dallan.com, dedicated to rollforming machines and systems, makes its first appearance online.

It has been entirely updated in its layout and contents. Its new portal has a simple and linear design, in order to supply quickly any piece of information about the machines and the services offered by Dallan, which is a world leader in the thin metal sheet working machines market.

Starting from the home page, the user enjoys a complete view of the main Dallan production lines and of every company news.

The web site offers much technical information: more than 150 new pages concerning products and services available in six languages (Italian, English, German, French, Spanish and Russian) filled with all the details of every kind of machine and installation developed in Dallan.

Users can reach the required information starting from the type of machine they are looking for (by entering the menu “Machinesâ€_), or depending on the type of product they intend to produce. As a matter of fact this website presents Dallan Premium’s applications on profiles and manufacturing.

Entering the menu Premium Applications it will be possible to view all the categories of finished products to be matched with their production systems: from the most simple for the start-ups willing to open to new markets, up to complete and highly automated “from coil to packagingâ€_ systems.

The new portal is constantly updated with photo galleries, videos and new products. Its news section and its social profiles report all the news about the Dallan world, about its new technologies and the international exhibitions where you will have the possibility to meet the Dallan staff and literally touch with your hands our technology.

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