Dallan® communications and the brand: coordinated image of our group

June 2014 News

The process of forming the Dallan group having been completed, we have had our trademark and logo restyled to make them easier to see and to use with modern communication systems, and the pay-off aligned with the supply that Dallan today offers the world’s sheet metal market.
This restyling is part of a more comprehensive medium- to long-term project encompassing the optimisation and coordination of all the tools that convey the brand image and efficient communications management, with the aim of making it simpler and easier to talk with our customers and partners.

Some of the activities connected with this project are, for example, the production and publication of a new corporate video and new product videos, which you can find on youtube “dallanspaâ€_: you can help us improve our visibility with your “likeâ€_!

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