Dallan Engineering Srl – Product design and engineering + process

April 2013 News


Dallan Engineering is the company in the Dallan group specialized in the design and engineering of products and product-process systems. The Dallan group symbol, the compass, has always highlighted how important the design and engineering part is in developing first-rate products and profiles.

Only in-depth knowledge of the sheet metal rolling and pressing process, however, allows changes to be made to the product that guarantee the manufacture of constantly top quality profiles over the years.

Unlike other companies in the sector, Dallan® Engineering also pays a great deal of attention to the design of the product in aesthetic terms. In fact, back in 1984 Dallan Group took the decision to specialize in machines working with thickness ranging from 0.2 to 2mm. This led to our companies being recognized in a very short time as specialists in decorative profiles, often made in pre-finished materials such as aluminium or prepainted plate. Italian design is an added value all over the world: many of our customers admit that they chose Dallan Engineering for the design of their profiles so that their product could boast “Italian Designâ€_.
The next stage in the development of production systems saw Dallan Engineering focusing on making roll forming machines that are easy and simple to use as well as highly reliable, having made a meticulous selection of the construction materials and the suppliers.

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