Dallan® off-line Venetian blind assembling systems: how to automate up to 80% of the blind assembly processes

June 2014 News

A large number of our customers in the outdoor Venetian blinds sector manufacture top quality designer profiles, which have to be assembled on their relative supports (called ladder string and loop string) before they can be installed. Up to now the only way to do this was by hand: a long painstaking task, which required a large number of workers.

Today Dallan® has a complete range of “package-to-windowâ€_ automated machinery: starting from a bundle of slats already cut and perforated to measure, these machines take the rolled-edge C, flat, Z and S slats from the piles and automatically carry out all the assembly operations.
The end pins can be inserted with formation of the edges in the case of pins in Zama (zinc, aluminium and magnesium alloy), or with ultrasonic bonding for the plastic pins. The slats are inserted into the ladder string and the loop string at a speed of between 12 to 22 a minute!
Production data can be read simply with a bar code system and the ladder is cut automatically to the required size. At this point all that is necessary to complete the work is to fasten the completed blind to the box and insert the end slat, bearing out our production philosophy of “from package, to windowâ€_.

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