Lean Production – quick installation times and guaranteed quality of the finished product

April 2013 News


Dallan Spa introduces modern Lean production planning and project management tools into its organisation. The design system has been integrated with the new Siemens NX software. The entire process is optimized to guarantee precision in planning while at the same time leaving production with the necessary flexibility for manufacturing and tuning of Dallan rollforming systems.

In the Lean production logic, the control, reduction of flow times and plant installation is extremely important. That is why all our products, equipment and plants are assembled and fully tested together with of our customers on Dallan Spa premises prior to shipment.

This is an important guarantee for our customers since they can be sure the machine – and especially their own product – have been developed and made to Dallan quality standards. This procedure also keeps installation times to a minimum: most of Dallan plants are up and running in just one week!

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