Panels and sections/profiles of varying width

June 2011 News


The Dallan® Duplex double-head forming machines are ideal for panels and sections/profiles in which machining of the ends is equal while the width varies.

Panels for making shelves for shelving units, metal furniture elements and roller shutter boxes are just a few examples of machining typically carried out with Dallan®Duplex machines.

The last few years have seen the manufacturers of plasterboard sections also asking for Duplex machines because of the faster set-up times when machining small lots.

The Dallan®Duplex machines can be fitted with the Dallan®Universal Combi system so that both combi units with overhung shafts for variable sections/profiles as well as the classic Combi units with centre for machining traditional type sections/profiles can be installed in the same bedplate.

With regard to the machining of panels, Dallan also offers its customers innovative and extremely fast section/profile back and front bending systems.

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