Combined punching and laser cutting systems

In-line punching combined with fibre laser cutting: perfect for flexibility and output.

Dallan was the first in the world to combine the efficiency of the EXN electric punching system with the flexibility of the LXN in-line laser cutting system and double the output rate thanks to the special configuration with independent modules. The Dallan CXN combo line machines steel strips with width ranging from 200 up to 1000 mm: the set up includes a 6-ton decoiler, straightener, the Dallan EXN electric coil-fed punching machine and the LXN 1000 laser cutting system.
CXN 1000200 - 1000 mm0.6 - 4 mm
CXN 1500200 - 1500mm0.6 - 3 mm

Material optimization, Productivity and Flexibility. All in one product

Lean production and material optimization.

One great advantage of coil-fed production is that the material is optimized up to 100% by using materials of the same width as the end product, basically eliminating the skeleton as well as the need to separate the parts.

Higher output than all the traditional systems.

By separating the punching and the laser cutting areas, the CXN output is twice that of the main traditional sheet-fed combined punching and cutting systems. In fact the laser and the punch operate simultaneously on two different portions of the sheet metal: thanks to the patented Dallan ACX vision system, the LXN identifies the exact position of the holes punched previously by the EXN machine and the laser cutting is guided by these holes.

The EXN punching machine uses up to 32 standard thick turret tools and has an electrically operated 20-ton hammer that can activate indexable, embossing and cluster tools to increase productivity even more.

Absolute flexibility and power.

The LXN laser cutting area adds complete flexibility to the process allowing the laser cutting of special shapes, notching, and nesting of complex parts. With the EXN machine it is also possible to create embossing and threads on the surface of the sheet.

Your production line: efficient and lean

In line with the Lean Production principle, Dallan CXN keeps setup times to a minimum while efficiency, productivity and flexibility are kept to a maximum. The system boasts real-time operation and an extremely compact footprint considering its very high output and flexibility.

The line consists of the modules described below:
  • Decoiler
  • Straightener
  • EXN punching machine
  • Roller conveyor
  • LXN independent laser cutter
  • Unloading system


The Dallan CXN programming system is configurable with different CAD/CAM CNC programs: it is identical to the programming system of any combined line, where the operator selects when to punch and when to nibble. At this point the program automatically divides up the work between the EXN and the LXN units in a way that is clear to the operator.

Working with EXN and LXN separately.

With just a small change in layout it is possible to have two systems – EXN and LXN – that can work together as a combined system or also completely independently. In this case the EXN operates as a simple coil-punching machine, while the LXN can be sheet-fed for completely different products.

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