Dallan laser cutting systems

Simple and ingenious: coil- and sheet-fed fibre laser cutting with vision system.

The Dallan LXN range includes in-line, automatic fibre laser cutting systems that are flexible and easy to use. The LXN machines embody all the technological expertise of Dallan, guaranteeing high-speed cutting and energy efficiency as well as constant high precision thanks to the high-resolution vision system. The exclusive LXN system offers unprecedented production flexibility with the freedom to process either coils or standard size sheets. The LXN lines can be set up according to the characteristics of the materials to be machined and may also incorporate customized unloading systems. Discover the versions on offer:
LXN 1000200 - 1000 mm0.6 - 2 mm
LXN 1500200 - 1550 mm0.6 - 2 mm

Simplicity meets state-of-the-art laser cutting technology.

Dallan has employed cutting-edge technologies to manufacture LXN in-line automatic laser cutting lines that are flexible and easy to use. By using fibre laser sources, production rate is fast and energy consumption low, while the integrated Vision system ensures very high precision.

LXN scheme

Operation of the Dallan LXN coil-fed laser cutting lines is user friendly. The lines have a compact footprint and consist of the following elements:

  • Decoiler
  • Straightener
  • Roller conveyor
  • Feeder
  • LXN laser cutter
  • Unloading system

+ Versatility

With the Vision system both single sheets and coils can be machined very simply, making Dallan LXN Vision perfect for more flexible productions and for automated large-batch productions.
Dallan LXN Vision is also the best system for machining very long products, even up to 14 metres long.

+ Efficiency

Thanks to the vision system the material can be machined right up to the edge, i.e. 100% usage, thereby eliminating the skeleton. Furthermore the DALLAN LXN 1500 model is 1550 mm wide allowing untrimmed coils to be used directly without the need for lateral guides, while the Dallan vision system constantly maintains alignment during machining.

+ Speed

Continuous production up to 24 hours with just one coil is possible with the automatic machining cycle. Thanks to the speed of the fibre laser and the simultaneous loading and unloading of the working area, Dallan LXN Vision achieves maximum working speed.
With a working surface 2000 and 2500 mm long, complex nested products as well as very long products can be made at maximum speed with the minimum of positioning.

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