Advanced technical solutions: LXN 1500 fiber laser is the perfect fit for large formats.

The automatic laser cutting system from coils and sheets model DALCOS LXN 1500 has the most versatile setup. It processes with the maximum simplicity strips up to 1550mm in width, and sheets up to 14 meters in length with a very compact layout.

The working range of 2500mm allows to perform extremely complex machining, with the precision guaranteed by the Dalcos vision system.

Elements making up the system are:
  • 8000kg decoiler
  • Dalcos feeder
  • LXN 1500 fiber optic laser cutting system
  • Fiber optic laser source from 1000W up to 4000W
  • Chiller cooling system
  • ALMACAM programming/nesting software for processing coils of the same width as the product (100% material used)
Features of the laser system:
  • Working area 1500x2500mm
  • Machinable material: from 0.5 to 3mm gauge, up to 1500mm in width
  • Source by IPG Photonics