Dallan manufactures and sells a wide range of punching machines for sheet metal coil. We offer innovative and lean CNC machines that ensure a high level of performance, efficiency and high quality parts output. The catalogue includes both hydraulic punching machines and fully servo electric, steel punching machines. Dallan systems are available with different layouts for punching tools, optional bending tools, in-line presses brake, and integrated thread. In line coil-fed production maximizes the output and drastically reduces setup times. The machines can be integrated with smart automations for a fully automatic production cycle.

If your production system used sheet-fed punching machines, you are wasting up to 20% of raw material

Dallan coil-fed punching systems allow you to save up to 20% in terms of material and benefit from much higher productivity since sheet loading and unloading times have been eliminated!
Furthermore, thanks to automatic parametric programming, you can forget about programming via DXF and traditional post-processing software, and instead program your product families, with their various lengths and widths, using simple Excel printouts!

If you already use a coil-fed system, but have a press and dies: you are definitely overpaying for your press tools

Dallan’s coil-fed punching system allows you to eliminate expensive shearing dies, as it uses commercially available tools for thick turret punching machines: no more expensive modifications when your customer requests a change to the product, you just need to reprogram the position of the hole and notching! This gives you maximum flexibility and, moreover, using the same coil you can also create different products one after the other, with different lengths and punching without ever having to halt or retool the machine!


Dallan punching philosophy has the aim to become our customer’s competitive advantage. Over the years we have been developing different technologies to take the punching industry to the next level, such as coil fed production, electric punching, parametric programming and much more.

Efficient production with coil fed punching

The first goal in lean production is the reduction of waste and production optimization. Dallan punching machines (thanks to coil feeding) ensure the leanest production cycle featuring scrap reducing up to 100%. This kind of technology guarantees many advantages to your business and improves your productivity.

High quality production now is easy

Dallan’s machine development Team is also committed to making these advanced technologies easy to use for the operators. In fact, the operation of our machines is extremely simple and the Dallan software is the easiest way to interact with them: the perfect combo to take your workshop one step ahead.

steel punching machine

Advanced equipment for coil sheet metal punching

All of the Dallan punching machines are designed to work with standard thick turret tools.

This smart and cost-effective solution makes our machines even more easy to use and to setup, thanks to the high compatibility of components and worldwide availability of the tools. Tool configuration is available in different combinations and tools dimension, from “A” type (12,7mm) to “F” type (154mm). Here is a link for more details about our punching tool configurations.

Dallan develops a wide range of sheet metal feeders to guarantee the maximum performance in any production situation. Different solutions are available based on material characteristics and kind of application. Find out more about Dallan feeders

Automatic production lines are increasingly appreciated in the market. Our catalogue offers intelligent automation options to improve productivity of the punching systems, such as smart unloading benches and special discharging systems based on customers need.


Dallan’s punching philosophy starts with coil-fed sheet metal working, which ensures maximum production efficiency, optimisation of the raw material and full automated machining cycles.


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Dallan is constantly developing technologies and solutions for the punching machines and punched sheet metal production plants sector to make its machines ever more efficient with lean and sustainable manufacturing processes.


There are three main advantages in production from coils: 100% optimization of material, maximum productivity and automated production.

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dallan feeder vega

Dallan feeders

Correct feeding of the sheet metal lies at the heart of the precision of Dallan punching machines.

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punching standard tools

Punching tools

All Dallan punching machines are constructed for mounting different sizes of standard thick turret tools.

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Dallan machines software


Exclusive Dallan software for the punching systems, offering user-friendly interaction with the machine.

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