Dallan servo-electric punching machines

DALLAN EXN: electric coil-punching machines. Efficient, Ecologic, Powerful.

Dallan has been manufacturing EXN coil-punching machines with servo-electric operation of the toolheads since 2011. It is the range of punching machines fitted with the Dallan® Select servo-electric actuator that unite power and energy efficiency. The EXN systems offer greatly reduced energy consumption and, thanks to the ARC tool post arches, it is always possible to change the turret configuration and adapt the machine to other future production requirements. Maximum production efficiency is always ensured by in-line machining, which achieves up to 100% optimization of the material. Discover the versions on offer:
EXN 80050 - 800 mm0.3 - 2 mm
EXN 100050 - 1000 mm0.3 - 2 mm
Thick materials
EXN ERGO 80050 - 800 mm0.6 - 4 mm

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