Coil-fed punching machine with servo hammer: Flexible, Fast and Efficient.

The automatic coil fed punching machine DALLAN EXN 800 is ecological thanks to the elimination of all hydraulic power stations and highly efficient thanks to the servo electric hammer that reduces energy costs to a third of relevant hydraulic models.

The punching turret can be customized and enriched with auto index stations for maximum flexibility. It is available in the two and three arches version, for a tooling capacity up to 48 tools. The system processes strips from 80 to 800mm width, and up to 2mm thickness; it is equipped with Dallan original decoiler and straightener.

Elements making up the system are:
  • 4000kg decoiler
  • Straightener
  • VEGA 800 clamp feeder
  • EXN 800 coil-fed punching machine with 20 moving tools and cutter
Features of the system:
  • Standard thick turret tools
  • 2 C stations (50.8mm), 6 B stations (31.7mm) and 8 A stations (12.7mm) non-rotating
  • 2 C stations (50.8mm), 2 B stations (31.7mm) rotary
  • Parametric programming including DALLAN® ECAM