Servo-electric perforation system for the production of suspended ceiling panels.

The DALLAN FXN 800 system is the complete line for producing perforated, notched and cut-to-size panels ready for bending to make suspended ceiling panels with dimensions from 300x300mm up to 600x1200mm. Thanks to the servo electric actuators, the FXN 800 line features very low consumption and an extremely reduced footprint, making it suitable for any industry. The system produces from 2 to 4 perforated panels a minute, depending on the type of perforation, and up to 8 unperforated panels a minute.

System consisting of:
  • 4000kg decoiler
  • Feeder
  • FXN 800 servo-electric perforation system with press, notching dies and cutter
  • Notching dies
  • Perforating/piercing die
  • System of swarf removal by suction
  • Conveyor belt
  • Straightener
Features of the system:
  • Gauge from 0.35 to 0.8mm, up to 800mm in width
  • DALLAN perforating/piercing die
  • Standard thick turret notching dies
  • Simple, specific onboard programming for the production of suspended ceiling panels
  • Coil car/cradle for decoiler
  • Trapdoor unloading table
  • Height-adjustable hydraulic table