Punching coils 1500mm wide with symmetric punching heads.

The solution for punching wide panels, automatically and continuously form coil: DALLAN PXN 1500 can be equipped with 10000kg decoiler, coil car, straightener with 4+4 rollers, gripper feeder and automatic stacking systems. It is the most versatile solution for wide panels production up to 1500mm, and it can also process narrow strips starting from 80mm wide.

Elements making up the system are:
  • 8000kg decoiler
  • Straightener
  • VEGA 1500 clamp feeder
  • PXN 1500 coil-fed punching machine with 10+10 moving tools and cutter
Features of the system:
  • Standard thick turret tools
  • 4+4 C stations (50.8mm) and 6+6 B stations (31.7mm)
  • Parametric programming including DALLAN® ECAM