Punching machine for coils with auto index system: maximum flexibility.

Thanks to the rotation of the punching stations, DALLAN PXN 1500 can process very wide strips and it is utilized just like a standard punching machine from sheets: products can be nested in the strip surface.

This machine is optimal also for standard OEM productions: it processes strips from 0,3 to 2mm thickness and up to 1520mm width.

Elements making up the system are:
  • 8000kg decoiler
  • Straightener
  • VEGA 1500 clamp feeder
  • PXN 1500G coil-fed punching machine with 10 moving tools and cutter
Features of the system:
  • Standard thick turret tools
  • 2+2 C stations (50.8mm) and 3+3 B stations (31.7mm) moving along the Y axis
  • 2+2 C stations and 2+2 B station moving along the Y axis and rotating with G-TOOL system
  • Parametric programming including DALLAN® ECAM