Countinuous punching from coils up to 800mm width.

The compact solution for effective production of metal ceiling panels, facades and external cladding, electrical cabinets directly from coils.

In just 3×12 meters DALLAN PXN 800 is the compact solution for the automatic production and stacking of punched panels, from 0,3 to 2mm thickness and from 20 to 800mm width.

Features of the system:
  • Standard thick turret tools
  • 4 C stations (50.8mm) and 6 B stations (31.7mm)
  • Parametric programming including DALLAN® ECAM
Available options:
  • UBIQUITY remote servicing
  • In-line customized hydraulic presses
  • Trapdoor unloading table
  • Height-adjustable hydraulic table