The advantages of coil-fed laser cutting

As with the punching systems, also the laser cutting machines offer various advantages thanks to coil-fed production philosophy. Here too, material optimisation reaches 100% with maximum output. All Dallan laser systems can also be sheet-fed so that they can process standard sheets or recover any coil waste.

Up to 100% use of the material, whether from coil or sheet, thanks to the vision system.

Processing from coil allows the parts to be positioned in the best way on the sheet metal so that the material is used to the full. Dallan thus obtains maximum output also with its own laser cutting systems.

What’s more, the Dallan exclusive high-resolution vision system, fitted in all laser and combi systems, also gives the freedom to feed in standard sheets up to 14 metres long for even greater system flexibility.

Maximum productivity of laser cutting

Applying coil processing to laser cutting systems means maximising the speed of the production cycle.
Compared to traditional sheet-fed systems, coil processing does away with material loading and unloading times thereby achieving maximum possible output: cycle times are reduced and consequently the total processing cost, to the benefit of profit.

Fully automated production systems

The Dallan laser systems for machining sheet metal are available with different levels of automation; they can be fully automated, including the unloading and sorting of parts. In this case, once the coil is loaded the work cycle proceeds independently, freeing up the operator to follow other production systems. This, plus the previously stated advantages, makes Dallan production systems one of the most high-performance offers on the market.

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