Dallan A-ERGO

Feeder with built-in straightener.

Launched in 2004, the feeder with built-in straightener is recommended for machining higher gauge materials up to 4mm. This machine, used in a great number of Dalcos plants, especially in North America, owes its success to a sturdy design as well as outstanding straightening and speed.

It has a closed structure with openings in the top and bottom; it houses a pair of rollers for transferring the coil and 6 staggered straightening rollers with 88mm diameter arranged on two planes.

Lastly two feed rollers feed the strip into the punching area.

All the lower rollers are connected by a kinematic chain with precision gearing: the feed rollers are in turn connected to a powerful vector motor through a precision reduction unit with zero clearance. Dalcos ERGO incorporates top quality components of a size that guarantees total reliability over the years when machining high gauge material.

The built-in straightener gives Dalcos lines a very compact footprint even while machining high gauge material. Considering that it is a good rule for the loop length to be approximately 1500-2000 times the thickness of the strip, with gauges of 4mm the lines would become extremely long whereas with Dalcos ERGO, a complete line for machining 4mm gauge material can be as little as 10 meters in length.

Dalcos ERGO feeders are suitable for machining materials between 0.6 and 4mm thick and are available in width ranging from 80 up to 400, 600, 800 and 1000mm.