Dallan VEGA

Bi-alternate clamp feeder.

The Dallan VEGA feeder with two alternating reciprocating clamps is one of Dallan’ renowned innovations, which works very simply with a brushless motor connected to a precision ball recirculating screw with right and left thread. A similar drive system was known back in the 1400s, since it appears in the writing of Leonardo da Vinci!
Dallan was the first to come up with the idea of applying this mechanism to the two clamps of the coil feeder: the system is in fact covered by international patent.

The two pneumatically operated clamps A and B, connected to the screw, always move in opposite directions. When clamp A is closed, the material advances as far as the stop, where B also closes, followed by A opening. The motor reverses rotation and now it is clamp B that makes the coil advance.

Using two moving clamps has many advantages, such as:

  • recovery time of the moving clamp is reduced to a minimum so high feed rates are easily reached;
  • the material, gripped by the clamp can be moved forwards and backwards many times with very high precision. This greatly increases the production rate of workpieces requiring lots of machining and allows tool paths to be optimized;
  • using full-width clamps means that the feeder pressure is distributed over a large surface area. Very thin gauge materials as well as prefinished, prepainted or plastic-coated materials, also with protective film, can therefore be easily fed with the same precision. Our VEGA system has even worked with 0.1mm gauge coils!
  • the material guides are suitably spaced apart so that the material is guided for a length at least twice that of its width. This parameter is extremely important in all coil-fed machines.

Dallan VEGA feeders are also supplied separately from the punching lines, since they can work with third party presses and stamping lines.
The version with pneumatic clamps works 0.3 up to 2mm gauge materials, in width ranging from 20 up to 300, 500, 800 and 1000mm.


Dallan VEGA feeder with hydraulic clamps

Operation is identical to the pneumatic version, but with hydraulic clamps Dallan VEGA feeder has even more gripping force making it suitable for materials with gauge up to 3mm. It is available in the same width as the version with pneumatic clamps.