LaserVision high-resolution vision system


The exclusive Dallan Vision System makes use of a high-resolution camera, which identifies the edges of the panel or coil as well as the pre-punched holes. The mode of operation is extremely simple, given that the process can be clearly seen by the operator and the algorithm developed by Dallan engineers takes care of the measurements and calibration.

The image showing the position of the hole or coil edge is compared with the theoretical position given by the DXF drawing and the differences are recorded. The system takes from 2 to 4 measurements and identifies any deviations in X and Y; if the panel is placed in an incorrect angular position, the Dallan software will identify it and reset the laser machining and the directions of the axes according to the real position of the product, with a precision of +/-0.1mm.


  • 1.Machining of products up to 14 metres long

    With the precision ensured by the vision system, very long products are machined very simply.

  • 2.Processing both from coil and pre-cut sheets

    With Dallan LXN Vision, it is extremely simple to process both from sheets up to 14 metres long and from coils. In this way large batches may be processed automatically from coils (one coil guarantees up to 24 hours of continuous production) while for small batches, single sheets may be inserted into the machine by means of the roller table supplied by Dallan.

  • 3.Processing without lateral guides, with very short setup times

    Since the Vision System takes care of the laser cutting position, the operator does not have to worry about precisely positioning the guides when changing coils or inserting a new panel.

  • 4.Processing with raw coils coming directly from steelworks

    With the DALLAN LXN 1500 Vision model, the maximum width is 1550 mm, making it possible to purchase coils directly from the steelworks without going through service centres, all to the advantage of profitability.

  • 5.Processing from pre-punched panels

    The Dallan vision system enables pre-punched panels to be inserted in the machine, which are identified by means of the holes already made. Dallan has thus been able to introduce onto the market the world’s first in-line simultaneous punching and laser cutting system, enabling forming and threading of parts to be carried out as well.

  • 6. Transformation of any standard punching machine into an in-line simultaneous combo punching and laser system.

Flexible application, also on existing systems.

Dallan LXN Vision may likewise be installed immediately after any standard punching machine: with a simple roller table Dallan LXN Vision receives the pre-punched panel and carries out the required machining on it. Any existing punching machine may be transformed into a high productivity combo system.

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