Tool types: standard thick turret

More than twenty years ago Dallan decided to use standard thick turret tools for its punching machines.

These tools are cost-effective and are available worldwide. Their dimensions are identified with letters of the alphabet, each one indicating the maximum size of the punchable figure.

  • Type “A”, diameter 12.7mm
  • Type “B”, diameter 31.7mm
  • Type “C”, diameter 50.8mm
  • Type “D”, diameter 88.9mm
  • Type “E”, diameter 114.3mm
  • Type “F”, diameter 154mm

These tools can also carry out forming, up to a total height of 4.5mm.

The tools are installed in special Dallan ARC tool post arches that ensure perfect alignment of punches and dies giving the tool a longer life between one sharpening and another compared to all other systems. These arches, in self-lubricating material, are machined to obtain the housing for the punch and the die in a single operation: the design and the machining have been perfected over more than twenty years to guarantee constant maximum performance.

Many manufacturers also offer Multi-Tools, in other words “D” station types that house 8 or 10 and even up to 20 smaller tools. Dallan compatible Multi-Tools can also be used with certain Dallan machines.

Here is a list of some tool manufacturers for tools that can be used on Dallan machines:

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