Application: batten/stud sections for drywall construction (plasterboard)

Июнь 2011 News


Dallan has developed a full range of machines and systems for the manufacture of structural sections for drywall construction using plasterboard.
The solutions offered by Dallan are designed to meet the requirements of any company, whatever its size, to produce constant quality sections with outstanding properties.
The systems go from the start-stop production line running at 30 metres a minute with manual packaging up to an integrated system which runs at 240m/min with cutting on line and mobile machining units plus fully automatic packaging.

The smallest line comprises decoiler, roll forming machine with exclusive Dallan® Combi quick roller change system plus fixed unit for machining cable holes and for cutting.

The systems with on line cutting are as follows:

  • T4-12 at 30m/min
  • T4-12 at 60m/min
  • T4-12 at 80m/min
  • T4-12 at 120m/min
  • System T4-12 at 240m/min

The machines are designed to machine all the sections making up the Plasterboard system (guides and studs as well as ceiling battens). Since each country has its own laws and regulations, Dallan delivers bespoke machines in terms of forming rolls and equipment (Dallan T4-12 plasterboard plants have already been installed in more than 70 countries).

A packaging system that is also modular and customisable is commonly requested for the fast moving systems. In this case Dallan can supply lines with:

  • coupling of the sections and manual or automatic creation of micro-packs
  • automatic strapping of the micro pack
  • system for creating a large pack of sections up to 800x1200mm
  • strapping of the large pack with application of wood stacking strips at top, bottom and/or side

Apart from the machines for making the plasterboard metal sections, Dallan also manufactures all the machines for producing the complementary sheet metal products that complete the system, such as the perforated angle or corner beads for interiors, the bar or plate and the accessories for fixing the ceilings.

Perforated angle or corner beads for interiors

Bar or plate

Accessories for fixing the ceilings

For more information, please get in touch with our sales office at [email protected]

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