Июль 2012 News


Dalcos Spa is the company established by Dallan in 1988 to manufacture numerical control coil punching machine systems.

Dalcos punching machines are highly flexible and suitable for working medium to large production lots. Production is automatic with coil-fed machines and it takes far less time to make the piece compared to conventional sheet punching systems.

After punching, the products can be cut and transferred to sheet forming/bending systems such as the forming press – also robotized — or the panel machine or the coil can be processed directly in the Dallan forming machine.

These production systems give excellent results for example in sectors engaged in the manufacture of lighting appliances, air treatment units, frames for industrial doors and reinforced security doors as well as metal furniture and shelving.

Dalcos® also manufactures perforation lines for the production of suspended ceilings, sound-absorbing panels, ventilated roofing and bakery trays.

Dalcos® has installed hundreds of punching and perforation plants all over the world, which operate both stand-alone or integrated with Dallan® systems.

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