Dallan Synergies: Ada Srl

Июнь 2012 News


Ada Srl was established in 1997 by Dallan Spa to design and manufacture packaging, assembly and end-of-line systems and logistics systems for Dallan and Dalcos plants.
Nowadays customers, and in particular the multi-nationals, want coils to be transformed as far as possible into the finished, assembled or packaged product ready for dispatch using automatic systems whenever possible.
Ada’s response to this demand is to provide modular systems that can be customised and adapted to customers’ requirements and available space.

Together with Dallan, Ada has concentrated on developing systems for the production and complete packaging of batten/stud sections for drywall construction (plasterboard), T-bars for suspended ceilings with lay-in panels, roller shutters and lastly external Venetian blinds with rolled edge slats.
Dallan Spa incorporates Ada systems into its own production lines throughout the world, both as part of a first supply and as an integration of Dallan plants that have already been installed.
For more information, please get in touch with Dallan Spa sales office at info@dallan.com.


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