NEW! Production line for perforated corner beads @ 60 meters per minute

Апрель 2013 News


DallanDallan introduces the new solution for perforating and rollforming the corner beads with extremely high output.

In order to comply to the market’s requirement to produce building materials and profiles at higher speed than the traditional systems, Dallan engineers have developed a compact and dedicated system that includes decoiler, a special press turning at 400 rpm, soundproofing booth, loop control, rollformer and packaging system.

The improved performance follows the lean manufacturing principles that inspires the Dallan group and makes the production simple and smooth: the system adopts standard tools that are easily produced and maintained, they are extremely robust and allow the production with continuity up to 60 meters per minute, with a cost-effective production system that optimizes the production costs.

To watch the movie of the machine in production and for further information you can contact our sales staff >>

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