The General Management of DALLAN SPA, has always believed that the Quality of its products was the foundation of the Company’s business success. 

Therefore, the General Management considered it appropriate to establish, maintain and document a QMS Management System integrated with the Company’s current management system. 

The Quality Environment Safety Management System (QMS) that is described in the system procedures of DALLAN SPA complies with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015, UNI ISO 45001:2018. 

To ensure the application and maintenance of the requirements that constitute the QMS Management System, the General Management has established, within the Company, the Quality Environment Safety Management Service, which is responsible for planning, implementing, managing and identifying possibilities for improvement of the system.

The following are the basic principles of DALLAN SPA’s SGQAS Policy: 

  • To continuously identify and monitor the needs and expectations of Customers and to pursue their satisfaction.
  • Systematically review data on the effectiveness and efficiency of the SGQAS Management System.
  • Provide a system for identifying, planning and implementing the SGQAS improvement objectives by involving all company personnel. The system is based on context analysis and opportunity risk assessment, which will be updated periodically by management.
  • Promoting cooperation with business organizations and external designated bodies.
  • Satisfying safety, hygiene and environmental protection requirements under applicable laws.
  • Systematic management of the environmental aspects of its activities to prevent pollution and minimize environmental impacts from its activities and systematically analyze the Product Life Cycle perspective.
  • Conceive, develop and manage the production process so as to identify and manage risks, that is, so as to prevent accidents and control their possible consequences for the health and safety of workers as well as to seize opportunities to improve its performance; ensure that all its workers have the opportunity to work in a suitable environment that complies with relevant regulations.
  • Ensure consultation with workers, including through the workers’ safety representative, on aspects of occupational safety and health.
  • Information on company risks is disseminated to all workers; training and education of workers is carried out and updated with specific reference to the task performed.
  • Any Safety and Environmental emergencies that may occur in the course of work activities are dealt with quickly, effectively and diligently.

In order to ensure the implementation and maintenance of the prescriptions that constitute the SGQAS Management System, the Executive Board calls upon all personnel, each within his or her competence, to achieve the objectives set forth in this statement. Prescriptions are defined as all requirements for compliance with legal regulations, the ISO standards mentioned above, self-imposed requirements described in company operating procedures and instructions, and all applicable requirements found in agreements/contracts. Thus, the SGQAS Management System requires that everyone be trained to perform their duties properly and demands the full participation of everyone. 

The General Management is directly committed to the achievement of the above objectives by making available the appropriate human, technical and economic resources, consistent with corporate budgets, in the belief that such guidelines will be able to produce results that will contribute positively to the improvement of the market acceptance index.


The President
Sergio Dallan
REV.02 6/12/2022


Quality Certificate ISO 9001

Environmental Certificate ISO 14001

Safety Certificate ISO 45001

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