“Coil to” technologies are the most innovative production systems of Dallan’s catalogue.
These high performance machines are being developed to reach maximum performance in productivity and efficiency thanks to the high level of automation and innovative technologies. This guarantees the highest efficiency in energy consuption, raw material utilization and labor cost.


Dallan designs, manufactures and sales all over the world a wide range of high quality roll forming machines and systems that meet different production needs in several application fields.

How roll forming works

Roll forming is a machining process in which a flat metal strip is progressively transformed into a finished part or a profile. The transformation takes place by passing the material through powered tandem of rollers, which step by step give the material strip the shape of the finished profile. The material is usually fed by coil and the length of final products is setted on production requirements.

The care and attention that Dallan takes over the design and construction of components results in high precision roll formers, which are suitable for processing light gauge and delicate materials, also in complex profile production.

Complete roll forming production lines

Dallan roll forming machines are designed to produce the finished product with all the required workings. For this reason each production line includes different technologies such as feeding, roll forming, punching and bending. The most advanced roll forming machine includes also automation systems for the assembly and in line packaging.
All these technologies are developed and applied by Dallan engineers in order to have the best compatibility and to guarantee top level performance.


roll forming machine layout
Roll forming machine layout for rolling shutters production


Fully in-house roll formers production

Dallan manufactures all the machines featuring the fully in house production of high quality components. This philosophy allows us to check and verify all production steps in order to guarantee the well known Dallan quality standard.
The internal tooling division is equipped with the latest machines and technologies to process the Dallan components in the most precise way.
The production management team constantly verifies each production stage and the compliance with the project time table giving the full product traceability and ensuring the right progress advance.
All Dallan roll forming machines are equipped with the in house developed software Dallan Touch easy to use and ensure full control over the entire production cycle.

The thin gauge material forming specialist

Dallan is a worldwide benchmark thanks to the specialization in thin gauge sheet metal rollforming built in over 40 years experience. Our rollforming machines ensure the high quality of output profiles thanks to different roll forming technologies, based on different kinds of materials or profiles to process.

T4 rollformers are fitted for thin materials, T5 and T6 roll forming machines are the best technology to process thicker sheet metal or special profiles.

The high level of specialization means that Dallan is able to provide added value features, such as product design know-how and production cycle management, including the pre-selection of raw material suppliers and many others.

tecnologia coil to window per macchine profilici


Dallan has developed the exclusive Coil to Window® and Coil to Package technologies applied to its roll forming machines for the in-line production of profiles, starting from sheet metal coil through to the finished, packaged product ready for installation.


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Dallan constantly develops technical solutions to apply to the roll forming lines. Our goal is to offer lean and sustainable sheet metal processing machines. Our aim is to provide production system that ensure more productivity with more flexibility and less use of resources.

Custom steel and sheet metal roll formers technologies

Customised roll formers and technologies to obtain the most from every application

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Production technology

Flexible professional systems studied to cater for different output requirements

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exclusive dallan technologies

Exclusive Dallan technologies

Innovative solutions for precise, easy-to-use roll forming systems

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software dallan touch roll formers

Software for line and system control

Dallan touch: your helper on board the machine installed on all Dallan lines.

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