Roll forming machines for T-bars

Impeccable profiles and connectors whatever the speed

The DALLAN D5 roll forming systems offer a complete range of production plants and roll formers for the manufacture of T-bars (cross tee and main runner) for supporting suspended ceiling panels. Like all Dallan production systems, the D5 range is available in various versions according to the required type of profile, output and level of automation.
D54T4Cross T and Main Runner
D57T4Cross T
D58DT4Cross T
D59DT4Main Runner
D51T4Cross T and Main Runner
Automation System
DA5MRMain runner cardboard box packaging system
DA5CTCross T cardboard box packaging system

Technically perfect profiles for sturdy suspended ceiling systems offering an impeccable look.

The T-bar is a technical profile for supporting suspended ceiling panels (cell grid suspended ceiling) generally sized 60x60cm and 60x120cm. This highly technical system consists of three different profiles with length 600, 1200 called Cross Tees and 3600mm called Main Runner although many other sizes exist on the market. A galvanised sheet metal base gives structure and strength to the profile, but all that can be seen once the ceiling is assembled is a pre-painted sheet metal profile. Special machining and hooks or connectors are to be found on the profile body and the ends, which allow the profiles to be fastened to the ceiling and to each other.

More specifically, there are two main types of profile: with integral hook (integral hook) and with alloy hook (alloy hook).

The base width of the profiles is generally 24mm and 15mm, while the height varies according to the load-bearing capacities and functions that have to be guaranteed. Dallan has been manufacturing machines for T-bars for more than 30 years and is ready to help you in all stages of the project: from the design of the profile and the connector solutions (including many covered by Dallan patent) to a study of the most suitable system for your production requirements.

The systems may be completed by DALLAN AUTOMATION packaging systems, which prepare packs of profiles as well as ready packed in cardboard boxes, and also advanced logistic systems such as palletising robots and complete transport systems.

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