T-bar cardboard box packaging system for main runners.

DALLAN’s suite of machines for T-bar profiles is expertly complemented by the advanced DALLAN DA5MR packaging systems.

The DA5MR system is meticulously designed for the comprehensive packaging of main runners, accommodating lengths of up to 3700mm with precision and efficiency.

Upon receiving the profiles from the DALLAN D59D machine, the DA5MR system springs into action. It seamlessly pairs the profiles, arranging them in pairs for optimal packaging.

These pairs are then placed into a custom-designed cardboard box, which the DA5MR machine forms and glues with exacting precision.

The cardboard boxes, supplied as pre-punched flat panels, are fed into the machine from the top, ensuring a smooth and continuous operation.

Once the profiles are securely boxed, they are transported via a roller conveyor.

This system efficiently moves the packaged profiles to the next stage, where they are prepared for palletizing.

The entire process is streamlined to enhance productivity and ensure that the profiles are protected and ready for distribution.