DALLAN experience and specialization for your best result.

Dallan premium machines and systems are making history in roll forming and production systems. The following pages are here to show you the potential of all our technologies.

Rollforming Machines

The complete range of rollformers for plasterboard profiles, metal ceilings, rolling shutters, venetian blinds and special profiles

Coil to Window for Rolling Shutters

Save up to 15% raw material and up to 75% labor cost in the manufacturing of complete rolling shutters and blinds. Discover the full range here!

Coil to Pack for Plasterboard Profiles

Production speed up to 120 and 240 meters per minute, complete with automatic packing. Discover here all Dallan systems for high speed production of drywall profiles

Coil to Box for Metal Ceilings Profiles

Metal ceilings profiles such as T-bar require to be packed in carton boxes: discover here the full range of production lines up to 100 meters per minute with in-line quality control.

Dalcos Punching Machines for Coils

Save up to 20% raw material in your punching operation with full automatic Dalcos punching machines. Dalcos is the brand of Dallan for cutting solutions.

Dalcos Laser Cutting Machines

Save up to 20% raw material in your laser cutting operation with Dalcos LXN, the only laser with integrated vision system for maximum accuracy and best material usage

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