Ceiling Grid profiles: compact roll forming machine for T-bars.

The compact DALLAN EASY D54 roll forming machines for T-bars are meticulously designed to produce all the essential T-bar profiles: cross-T 600, cross-T 1200, and main runner 3600, all within a single integrated system.

This advanced machine ensures that the profiles are crafted with precision, featuring butt-end and overlap connections, as well as integral hooks for seamless assembly.

Efficiency and Output
Considering the specific output rates required for each type of profile, the DALLAN EASY D54 line achieves a remarkable production speed of 10 meters per minute.

This efficiency means that the profiles emerge from the machine completely finished and ready for immediate packaging, ensuring a streamlined production process from start to finish.

Comprehensive Line Components
The DALLAN EASY D54 line is composed of several essential components that work in harmony to deliver superior results:

  • Decoilers: These are used for unwinding the coils of metal sheets, preparing them for the roll forming process.
  • DALLAN T4 Roll Forming Machine: The heart of the system, this machine shapes the metal sheets into precise T-bar profiles.
  • Die Holder Base for End Perforations and Connectors: This component ensures that the profiles have the necessary perforations and connectors, allowing for easy assembly.
  • Electrical Cabinet: This houses all the necessary electrical components, ensuring smooth and efficient operation of the entire line.
  • Unloading Table: After the profiles are formed and finished, they are carefully transferred to the unloading table, ready for packaging and distribution.

Advanced Features
The DALLAN EASY D54 machine is equipped with a variety of tools, dies, and the innovative DALLAN COMBI roller change system.

These features are also compatible with other DALLAN T-bar lines, facilitating a high output capacity of up to 60 meters per minute.

The system is designed to be user-friendly, with straightforward adjustment, setup, and operation processes.

Despite its compact size, it maintains the same high-quality production standards as all other professional DALLAN lines.

In summary, the DALLAN EASY D54 roll forming machine offers an efficient, high-speed solution for producing a variety of T-bar profiles, ensuring precision, quality, and ease of use, all within a compact and integrated system.