DA5CT T-bar cardboard box packaging system for cross tees.

The DA5CT T-bar cardboard box packaging system is specifically designed for cross tees, accommodating sizes of 600mm, 1200mm, and 1800mm.

This advanced packaging system efficiently processes cross tees by receiving the profiles, expertly pairing them, and arranging them inside the cardboard box in two organized layers.

The system begins with pre-punched cardboard panels, which are meticulously folded and glued by the machine itself, ensuring a seamless packaging process.

One of the standout features of the DALLAN DA5CT is its integration capabilities.

The packaging line can be fully connected to external visual systems, which allow for rigorous quality control of the packaged profiles.

Additionally, it supports integration with advanced labeling systems, ensuring each profile is accurately identified and tracked once packaged.

Furthermore, the DALLAN DA5CT, in combination with the DA5MR packaging lines, provides a comprehensive and automated solution for high-efficiency packaging operations.

This system not only enhances productivity but also ensures the precision and quality that DALLAN products are known for.