Cross Tee with alloy connectors: professional T-bar roll forming line.

This high capacity roll forming line is used to make cross tee profiles of 600, 1200 up to 1800mm in length complete with staked-on alloy clip.

The staked-on clip allows more functional and more precise connecting shapes to be produced. The clip can be made from pre-pressed coils even though most of our customers prefer to press them from two separate coils directly into the machine.

The line comprises:
  • Decoilers
  • DALLAN T4 roll forming machine
  • Flying cutting carriage
  • Transfer system for production and application of the hooks
  • Electrical cabinet
  • Unloading table

The line is available for a production speed of 50 or 100 metres a minute with combined systems: please contact our technical and sales offices for more information and together you can decide the ideal production configuration for your needs.