Cross Tee for Ceiling Grid: professional line for T-bar production.

DALLAN D57 Cross Tee Professional Line is specifically engineered for the efficient production of cross tee profiles with an integral hook.

This line is designed to meet the high standards required for professional ceiling grid systems, ensuring precision and durability in every profile produced.

Key Components of the DALLAN D57 Line:

  • Decoilers: These provide a continuous feed of metal strips, ensuring a steady and uninterrupted production process.
  • DALLAN T4 Roll Forming Machine with DALLAN COMBI Unit: This advanced machine is the heart of the production line. The T4 roll forming machine shapes the metal strips into precise cross tee profiles, while the COMBI unit integrates additional functionalities, enhancing the versatility and efficiency of the production process.
  • Bedplate with Carriage for Perforation and End Hook Processes: This component is crucial for adding the final touches to the profiles. The carriage system facilitates the perforation and end hook formation, ensuring each profile meets exact specifications.

During each passage of the carriage, the DALLAN D57 line can produce two profiles, either 600mm or 1200mm in length.

Additionally, the line can be customized to produce a single profile, catering to different production requirements and offering flexibility to meet diverse market demands.

For those interested in the full capabilities of the DALLAN D57 Cross Tee Professional Line, including detailed specifications on speed, efficiency, and additional features, we encourage you to reach out to our sales office.

Our team is ready to provide comprehensive information and assist you in optimizing your ceiling grid production with DALLAN’s state-of-the-art technology.