Assembling roller shutter and Venetian blind curtains has never been so easy.


The need to have a finished product starting from the profiles made on the roll forming line is mainly felt in the sunshade industry, e.g. the profiles for rolling shutters and External Venetian blinds.

In this case the Dallan machines can work on line, although the off-line applications are also very interesting for making up the rolling shutter or the Venetian blind curtain from a bundle of stacked profiles.
By combining our modules, we can in fact meet all the customers’ requirements.

For the rolling shutters, for example, our program includes the curtain assembly system with plastic cap application and the D6T curtain assembly line, which works on line with the roll former: this system has the great advantage of eliminating wastage of coil or foam, since the profiles are made and cut to size directly at source.

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