Rolling Shutter curtain: Coil to Window assembly system with plastic caps.


Introducing the DALLAN D6T, a sophisticated assembly system designed specifically for the seamless transition of rolling shutter curtains from coils directly to window assemblies, complete with plastic caps for added protection and durability.

The D6T system is an innovative add-on that effortlessly integrates with the DALLAN D63 line. Once the rolling shutter curtain is cut to size and assembled, it is efficiently transferred to a specialized assembly table. This table then accurately feeds the curtain into a state-of-the-art mobile dual head system, ensuring precise alignment and functionality.

To accommodate various manufacturing needs, we offer two complementary systems: the standard D6T system is ideal for profiles incorporating soft foam with a density of up to 70kg per cubic meter; for more demanding applications involving both soft and rigid foam with densities reaching up to 350kg per cubic meter, our advanced system provides the necessary robustness and adaptability.

For more detailed information on how the DALLAN D6T can enhance your production capabilities or to request a consultation, please contact our sales office. Our team is ready to assist you with comprehensive details and tailored solutions. Reach out to us at [email protected].