Programming Dallan machines:
simplicity for everyone.

ECAM parametric programming

The advantages of parametric programming are fully exploited in coil processing. The products being made often belong to a family with similar features, where only certain dimensions change (e.g. length). With Dallan ECAM software, MASTER PROGRAMS can be created including up to 50 independent parameters and 500 dependent variables.
Once the MASTER program has been created, the parameters are acquired from precompiled excel spreadsheets: Dallan ECAM software produces a sequence of .JOB files and a .JOBLIST file including the quantities to be made. This operation takes place without operator intervention and the programs are transferred immediately to the machine through RJ45 or USB connection.

CNC programming

The CNC programming is similar to that for the sheet-fed punching machines: the DXFs are acquired with the shapes of the products to be made and information regarding the type of available tools is transferred to the machine. The software automatically generates the punching coordinates, which may be acquired via NC file by Dallan punching machine.
The Dallan punching machines are designed to use many types of CNC programming software, which are generally acquired by our customers. On request Dallan supplies ALMACAM CNC programming software for punching machines and laser cutters.

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