Roll forming machines for plasterboard profiles Complete systems adaptable to your every need. The DALLAN D4 range of machines consists of roll forming lines featuring different levels of output and automation. Whichever line you choose, the quality of Dallan design will ensure you obtain perfectly functional profiles that are compatible with the other profiles of the chosen system.
D4T4Stud, track, ceilings
D4VT4Stud, track, ceilings
D4V82+D4KT4Stud, track, ceilings
D4XDUPLEXStud, track, ceilings
XSTRotary deep drawing system
Automation System
A7Semi-automatic packaging system
A10Automatic packaging system
A12WStrapping system for big bundles, with or without insertion of wooden bearers or battens
Complementary Items
D1VT4Perforated angle beads
D4UT5UA profiles up to 2mm
D4JT6IGMA,OMEGA,C,Z up to 3mm

High quality walls thanks to technically perfect profiles.

The profiles for drywall constructions are apparently simple U- and C-shaped profiles or channels, which are used to provide support for plasterboard panels. They are, however, highly technical profiles and must satisfy precise operating characteristics, complementing each other perfectly to form a high quality, sturdy framework.

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